Saturday, March 06, 2010

Did Verizon Pay $350 Million To Patent Lenders, Intellectual Ventures To Fight TiVo?

Verizon Pay Intellectual Ventures
The is reporting that Verizon worked with a large and secretive patent collecting horde known as Intellectual Ventures to play cards against Tivo. Tivo sued Verizon earlier for infringing one of it's patents.
Verizon Communications has agreed to pay Intellectual Ventures (IV) as much as $350 million for the deal.(The $350 million Verizon deal was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in 2008. Merino confirmed on Thursday that Verizon is a member of IV.)
I think we are set to see a patent war (Techdirt has a collection to show it), You can add Intellectual Ventures as an arms dealer in this war. IV is employing patent trolls to launch and fight it's lawsuits, according to the
My next phone will not come from Verizon. You too can protest about this patent war, choice is yours.


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