Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Is The Perfect SmartPhone, Measy Can Help You WIth That.

Selecting The Perfect SmartPhone

With all these phones and smartphones in the wild, you might be wondering at times which phone is to select. I know because I do and I have a bunch of phones, because we work with them. Because of that I find a lot of friends coming to me (us) asking what is the best phone for them.
So we go on asking some questions and based on answers, we recommend one or two phones. But now I found a place I can direct these people to, Measy. It does a survey and based on your answers gives you a selection of phones based on a score. Above is the answer I got based on my answers and choices. It Seems HTC Touch Pro 2 is The Phone for me!
Measey via Mobilecrunch


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