Thursday, December 10, 2009

Playboy App For iPhone Slated To Choke AT&T Network And Your Wallet

Playboy App For iPhone

With AT&T honchos blaming iPhone data downloads for it's sorry network, there is a new app that might make it even worse. Playboy has released an subscription app (aka an app that you pay monthly) fro $1.99 a month.
If you uttered that "Oh I get the magazine (playboy) only for articles and jokes", this is perfect for you! That is all it seems you get. Do not expect nude iAnything. (There supposed to be non-nude videos and photos as well).
But I really like to watch this app, just to see how many are dumb enough to get the app.
More images and nicer words at Gizmodo.
For those want to be the Guy on the block! iTunes store


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