Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Droid Gets Android 2.1 (flan), The OS Inside Nexus One.

Android 2.1 on Droid snapvoip.blogspot.com

When we announced the appearance of Nexus One on Googler hands, we also knew that the new Google Phone was sporting Android 2.1. The next question was when are the fellow droids who are still waiting for Android 2.0.1 getting new brains within their armor.
That did not take much time, sholes,info has published about an image of the Android 2.1 ported to Droid and available for download.
All are not very rosy at the moment but it does run with some quirks. So do not fail to read the comments before downloading and making your droid inoperable.
Sholes.info via engadget


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