Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AT&T Gives Two Lumps Of Coal To Apple, For Holidays!

AT&T, Apple Fail! snapvoip.blogspot.com
First it was a big honcho wanting to charge iPhone users for using data, that they called unlimited for $30 (NOT!) and secondly massive network failure in San Francisco that AT&T yet to officially acknowledge. Apple is not getting what it wants for the holidays and Google is surfing the waves with it's Nexus One or the latest Google Phone. And them Droids are sending smiles home!
The difference is Nexus One is not exclusive like iPhone and overpromising and underdelivering networks like AT&T or any other network will have to deliver to get and keep users. Google Phone will take care of GSM phones and Verizon and it's Droids are making strids as we write this.
I hope AT&T will revamp it's network and not break the contracts by charging more for data. That will keep me at least for the duration of the contract. After contract ends you can beg me to renew, but I doubt I will.
You can read more about Apple having to dial 911 Daily Finance.


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