Thursday, October 01, 2009

ZIPCAR App For iPhone And iPod Touch

ZIPCAR app for iPhone

Making it even easier for Zipcar members to use the service, Zipcar has released a new iPhone and iPod app that shines through. This a fine example of how an idea for commute and a tool for mobility merge.
Thanks to the new Zipcar App, members now find and book a Zipcar, honk the horn, even lock and unlock the doors, all without walking into a office or touching the car, all from their iPhone.
If you are not a Zipster this might be another reason to be one.
What the ZIPCAR APP gives;
To everyone;
  • Find available Zipcars on a map using current, favorite or any location
  • Browse car types and models
  • Make your iPhone go beep beep
 To Zipsters;
  • Reserve Zipcars around the corner or across the globe
  • Find cars by time available, car type and model
  • View, extend or cancel reservations on the go
  • Honk your Zipcar's horn with your iPhone to find it in a crowd
  • Unlock and lock your Zipcar with your iPhone after scanning your Zipcard at the start of each reservation
Get the app from App Store


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