Sunday, October 25, 2009

T-Mobile Gives Even More And The Plus

Even More From T-Mobile

Everyone's guessing game of pricing the T-Mobile plans have come to an end with predictors being closer tot he truth.
The Even More traditional Plan with handset discounts are  $59 to $99 with unlimited messaging and text. The Even More Plus plans starts at $49 and goes up to $79 without equipment discount and no contract!
The site says that all plans include;
    * Nationwide 3G network*
    * FREE nationwide T-Mobile to T-Mobile calling
    * FREE Nights and Weekends
    * Whenever Minutes® you can use whenever
There are Flex pay / equipment installment plan to make it easier for contract less phone buyers to make it easier to get a costly phone and get into another contract to pay for the phone.
But personally I like the Even More Plus as I can bring my own phone! perhaps a jailbroken iPhone!


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