Monday, October 12, 2009

Since Entering Android Band Wagon, Motorola has left LiMo!

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Christy Wyatt, the VP of software applications and ecosystems at Motorola, has said that she has given up the seat at the board of the LiMo foundation. Motorola will instead remain as an associate member and continue to be active as a contributing member.
LiMo Foundation, the mobile Linux group was created to provide mobile version of Linux to used in the likes of handhelds. Motorola was a founding member.
These might be an indication that Motorola is putting more force behing in it's Android initiatives that brought out devices like Motorola CLIQ. That is what was implied by their statement about the departure

"Motorola co-founded the LiMo Foundation to propagate a single, unregimented, community approach to the Linux platform and remains a proponent of industry-wide use of open software platforms. At this time it feels that the Android platform gives it a richer, more consistent foundation with strong support for the ecosystem and developer community,"
Even though LiMo members Samsung and Verizon are releasing Android phones, LiMo does have strong following. It recently said that operators including NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom, Telefonica and Verizon will introduce new phones this year or next, based on the current LiMo platform release or the next one. More than 40 handsets on the market use the LiMo software of which about seven of them are from Motorola, like MotoRokr and MotoRazr2.
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