Sunday, October 11, 2009

Multi Video Conference with continuous presence On Asterisk, With MCU Media Server, Now A VmWare Image

Multi Video Conference on Asterisk
Asterisk News let us know about this bit of news on MCU Media Server. We ahve implemented this on a virtual machine on one of our Linux boxes where we load all the test servers and have been pretty pleased with the performance. The project has been a bit dormant for a while and I hope the VMWare image release is a sign of new activities because we really like to utilize the project in our projects.
The project summery on sourceforge describes the project as

Media Server with the following capabilities:-Multi Video Conference with continuous presence.-SWF playback-Flash Video broadcasting-Sailfin SIP application with Web UI interface.
The VMWare image is 1GB in size and if you are on a slow netwrk (Are there people still on slow networks?) and if you have any questions on how to get it going, email the project owner Sergio Garcia Murillo (Get the email address from the project site below)
MCU Media Server via ventureVoIP


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