Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kempler & Strauss WatchPhone, Comes Out Along With Billionair B6 and B7

Kempler & Strauss releases new Winmo phones.
While I am certain that it will be hard for me to exchange my Breitling to the Kempler & Strauss' new watch phone, I still want get one, just to play with it for a while.
I think the sales of this watch will be due to the same wow factor, plus those star treck fans who will certainly want to play with the "Communicator", stylus / Bluetooth hands free / remote control that comes with the watch phone.
Billionair B6 and B7, full touch and portrait QWERTY WinMo devices respectively powerd by WinMo 6.1 slated to be updated to WinMo 6.5. With a sub $300 price, these phones might go some distance.



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