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“Health care is a very real-time business, We need anywhere, anytime computing, and iPhone is the best platform for the applications we’re choosing.”  says David Bradshaw, Chief Information, Planning, and Marketing Officer at Memorial Hermann of Houston, Texas.
 And iPhone seems to be helping a lot with their efforts at Memorial Hermann of Houston, Texas. Among other things apps like AirStrip OB, making life easier for both patient and the Doctor. Obstetricians could monitor different stages of labor even when they’re not by a patient’s side with AirStrip OB. AirStrip OB links individual mobile devices to a central AirStrip server with HIPAA-compliant authentication, giving obstetricians remote access to live views of delivery room data — including fetal heart tracings, contraction patterns, vital statistics and nursing notes.
“AirStrip OB is an absolutely indispensable app on iPhone, It fundamentally changes the way I’m able to interact with labor and delivery. In a tenth of the time, without pulling a nurse away from what she’s doing, I get all the real-time data I need at the touch of a button.” says Dr. Giannotti.
The option of viewing heart tracings in landscape mode distinguishes iPhone from other devices, and makes AirStrip OB an even better tool for obstetricians. “It’s just off the chart how doctors who have iPhones are using AirStrip OB, compared to those who don’t,” Bradshaw observes.

Memorial Hermann of Houston, Texas.
  • Eleven hospitals in the Houston, TX area
  • 19,500 employees
  • Founded in 1907
  • National Quality Healthcare Award in 2009
  • www.memorialhermann.org
AirStrip OB
  • Virtual Views – Waveform data is displayed, including virtual real-time and historical views of fetal heart tracings and maternal contraction patterns with annotations.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Authentication Login – The user is required to first enter a user ID and password. Both must be correct in order to access the hospital network. If either the user ID or password is incorrect, the user will not be able to connect to the hospital network. VPN support and tokenless, 2-3 factor authentication is also supported.
  • Hospital Labor and Delivery Census – The names of patients being monitored in labor and delivery are displayed, as well as their doctor and hospital bed. The census is listed by hospital, allowing the user to select the hospital in which their patient is being monitored. Once the hospital is selected, the list of current patients is displayed, allowing the user to select a specific patient for more detailed information.
  • Strip Charting – AirStrip OB displays the fetal strip and maternal contraction pattern information for an individual patient. This is the primary screen used to review patient information. It displays the fetal heart rate and maternal contractions, as well as the patient name, hospital name, room number, date and time.
  • Patient Data Display – Patient data can be displayed over the top of the patient's strip chart or as a separate patient data screen. The data displayed includes the patient's name, age, fetal gestation, patient gravity, patient parity, last cervical exam information, current nurse and physician. This data can also be displayed as a separate screen within the application.
  • Strip Zooming and Scrolling – The user can zoom the chart image and scroll forward or backward through the script chart data. Scrolling through the chart data does not affect the ability of the real-time data to be downloaded onto the handheld device. Landscape view is also supported.
 A demo version could be downloaded from Apple® App Store. AirStrip Technologies could be found here.
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