Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HTC Droid Eris From Verizon Might Have A Very Attractive Price Tag, $99!

HTC Droid Eris
Android invasion is not only multi pronged but might heat up the scene as well. According to gdgt Verizon might market HTC's Droid Eris at $99 which looks like a smirk at the Sprint's droid Hero from HTC.
But Verizon is playing well within it's own quarters by placing the DROID at $199 and creating two niche markets for the differently dressed droids.
But one need to look beyound the phone prices and look at the contract prices and plans, befor jumping the guns. In the US Mobile market, it is still hide and seek with mobile charges and limited unlimiteds.

Things are about to heat up, I just found out from a very trustworthy source that the Eris is going to be priced at $99 (with agreement) when it comes out. Nice to see an aggressive price point, especially compared with the Hero which goes for $180 on Sprint.


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