Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dutch collective rights society, Buma/Stemra, Visits A Duch CoffeeShop And Goes Nuts! And Calculates Music Fees.

image from free 420 now
Dutch collective rights society, Buma/Stemra,
Looks like Dutch collective rights society, Buma/Stemra, has collectively gone nuts or the directors have visited famous Dutch coffee shops before making the decision to charge  the calculated fees based on the fees they currently charge for public music playback such as copyrighted background music in elevators and of course coffee shops, wait the coffee shops play international music!. People seem to have gone bonkers over the introduction of new, exorbitantly high digital music licensing fees, and its stated willingness to fine bloggers up to €21,6 (roughly $31.8) per music video they dare embed on their websites or blogs. So before you embed that Youtube Video, make sure it does not reek of pot or under the protection of Buma/Stemra.
The fees amount up to €130 ($191) for up to six embedded files, €260 ($383) for up to twelve, and if you embed over thirty files you will be liable for €650 ($957) per thirty or part thereof (i.e. 31 embedded files on your site will set you back €1300 or roughly $1914).
Very Good I think with the musicians out of money, coffee shops will soon go out of business! conspiracy?Or is it a way to keep bad music hidden for ever?


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