Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dead Members Could Get "Memorialized" On Facebook

Immortalizing Dead on facebook snapvoip.blogspot.com
In case those who preserve themselves (cryogenics) after death hoping that future developments in technology might wake them up has one more development to be happy about! Their facebook account will be there, when they return, if they ever do.
The facebook says previously confirmed friends of any dead member will have access to their "memorialized" content,  photos and wall posts., The sensitive information such as status updates and contact information will be removed.
In a blog post, facebook informs and asks us;

If you have a friend or a family member whose profile should be memorialized, please contact us, so their memory can properly live on among their friends on Facebook.

As time passes, the sting of losing someone you care about also fades but it never goes away. I still visit my friend's memorialized profile to remember the good times we had and share them with our mutual friends.


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