Monday, October 05, 2009

AT&T Scores Lowest In Overall Customer Satisfaction Among Smartphone Users! Is iPhone Hurting AT&T?

Despite rescuing AT&T from economic downfall, now iPhone is being blamed for hurting AT&T's image

I was reading a very good article on CNN about "Is the iPhone hurting  AT&T Brand?" my first reaction and answer was "What?" "No!"
But after reading the article and putting aside the emotional feeling about my low number of bars on the iPhone, I am understanding the quote.

And for the first time, AT&T has scored worse than all four major U.S. wireless operators in terms of overall customer satisfaction for smartphones. According to the survey, AT&T scored 69 out of 100 among users, and 73 among non-iPhone owners. Verizon Wireless was the most satisfying carrier with a score or 79 out of 100 among smartphone users.
Even Sprint Nextel, which has struggled to retain customers due to its poor reputation, scored better than AT&T among smartphone users. It got a 74 out of 100 in terms of customer satisfaction.

But if that is the case, AT&T can turn around and fix the network and give what the customesrs are paying for! I like to see more bars on my phone!
Yes I am jumping ship as soon as another carrier offers iPhone, contract or not!


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