Monday, October 12, 2009

AT&T Blocks SIP On 3G! After Saying It Is Opening VoIP Over 3G

AT&T and VoIP
Either AT&T trying put wool over FCC or politicians or playing some kind of game of it's own. We reported gleefully that AT&T is allowing VoIP over 3G and was pretty elated. I was waiting to test some VoIP Apps over 3G but did not have time to do so.
But now I am wondering who is AT&T is trying to hoodwink. I was sadend to read Tom Keating's article about AT&T Blocking SIP Port 5060

Hey FCC, can you give AT&T a little smackdown for me please? Just last week AT&T announced it was allowing VoIP over 3G, so why the inconsistency? Is it because siphon is a jailbroken app and not an "official" iTunes app?  I doubt it. I doubt AT&T is able to detect what iPhone application is making an outbound connection. That would be a form of spyware if AT&T knew exactly which iPhone applications you were using. So seems to me that AT&T is still blocking VoIP calling over their 3G data connection. AT&T is talking a big game about being "open", but they aren't backing it up.

Now I am wating to see who at&t was actually doing by announcing the news, to show that they are in conformance with net neutrality? There is some thing going on. But I am waiting for the day some other carrier, any carrier, caries iPhone in US.
If that fails, jailbreaking like the latest Geohot's Blackra1n jailbreak For IPhone 3.1.2


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