Monday, October 12, 2009

Apple App Store Is A Better Solution For Upcoming Game Developers Than Sony Minis?

Mobile App Develeopment
An article on Gamasutra helped me to understand why the same game, Fieldrunners from Subatomic Studios cost $2.99 on Apple iTunes App Store and $6.99 on the Sony Minis. The cost seem to be associated with the cost of SDKs and the cost of getting the game rated by ESRB, which is said to cost as much as $2500 per game. Apple's App Store does not require ESRB approval.

"Developing for the PSP is definitely more serious business and not for casual non-developers, Having game development experience is a must. You have to invest some money into dev kits and into getting ratings for your game. The costs of ratings such us ESRB is significantly more then we had realized." "Sergei Gourski, co-founder of Subatomic Studios, developer of the App Store hit Fieldrunners. told Gamasutra.
I guess more and more small time developer will look for a shelve space on Apple App Store rather than on Sony Minis, at least that is what I would do, if I was a game developer.
Gamasutra via engadget


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