Thursday, October 15, 2009

Apple Allows Free iPhone Apps To Have In App Purchases.

iPhone In App Purchases
Apple changing it's stance on in app purchases for free iPhone Apps, have send out an email to developers announcing, yes you can! I love when Apple follows President Obama.
And your favorite free "lite" apps will help you to upgrade to a full version, without having to search through the app store and its 87000+ apps.

In App Purchase is being rapidly adopted by developers in their paid apps. Now you can use In App Purchase in your free apps to sell content, subscriptions, and digital services.
You can also simplify your development by creating a single version of your app that uses In App Purchase to unlock additional functionality, eliminating the need to create Lite versions of your app. Using In App Purchase in your app can also help combat some of the problems of software piracy by allowing you to verify In App Purchases.
 Via Daring Fireball


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