Monday, October 05, 2009

All Smartphones Will "FLASH" Soon But iPhone

Still no Flash On iPhone!
Mobile-ready Flash 10.1 beta for Windows Mobile and Palm Pre were promised by Adobe to be released late this year. Full Flashing capabilities, allowing to show more than what they are able at the moment,  are coming to Android, Symbian based phones  and BlackBerries. Also in the recieving end are the NVIDIA-powered netbooks.  All will be to flash us various news casts, and all other fun stuff including business stuff like communications and even simple business graphs.
So who is missing from the coming out party? The iPhone, of course.
Adobe has mentioned to Gizmodo Apples iPhone as "closed device with not much of activity for flash enblement".
Since everything that has a bit of electronics and a screen run flash, don't be surprised if apple advertise this as a feature," iPhone, the only safe place from Flash!"


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