Saturday, September 05, 2009

Skype for Asterisk (SfA) Software Formally Launched
Digium has finally released the Skype for Asterisk Software and is available for download. For months many people were waiting for the software from the time it was announced at Astricon 2008. What is more to the product is that it is available for onetime fee of $66 per channel. You can get it right now from Digium Store.
One thing I know about the product is that it was heavily beta tested and then again went through a phase of post beta testing as well. Unofficially SfA became available a little while ago, when we loaded our installations with SfA.
All I can say is another fine product from Digium.
But what is better than to hear from Digium CEO,Danny Windham, that they consume what they produce;
"“Digium has been using Skype for Asterisk for the past few months while the product has been in development, We created Skype accounts such as Digium Sales and Digium Support—a convention I suspect many companies will quickly adopt. Now, our customers all over the world can call us for free using Skype and our Asterisk PBX processes the inbound call just like it would a normal call. This is going to save Digium and our customers a lot of money.”"
It is not only Digium, DATUS a Digium partner too liked the product very much. “Adding Skype for Asterisk to the DATUS indali OBX, our IP-PBX, will offer our customers inexpensive and secure international calling that, for instance, could be used for toll free customer services,” said Jonny Kueppers, vice president of sales and marketing at DATUS. “We believe that the price and cost savings will be welcome with today’s budgets.”

Indeed the cost savings already achieved with any of the Digium products could be really enhanced with Asterisk's capability to integrate with Skype.

Skype for Asterisk Features
Skype for Asterisk, which is compatible with the free and open source Asterisk versions 1.4, 1.6 and AsteriskNOW™, as well as the commercially licensed Asterisk Business Edition™, is unique in the market today. It is the only solution that integrates directly with Skype, enables multiple concurrent Skype calls from a single Skype account, and supports both G.711 and G.729a calling.
In addition, with the new software, customers can:

  • Manage business Skype accounts with the Business Control Panel
  • Get low Skype global rates on outbound calls (as low as 2.1US¢ per minute to more than 35 countries worldwide; connection fee and fair usage policies apply)
  • Receive inbound calls to online numbers
  • Route calls according to Skype profile fields, online status and privacy settings
  • Streamline customer contact by allowing Web site visitors to place free Skype calls directly to their business with global click-to-call buttons

Get yours here or contact your reseller.
Digium Press Release


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