Saturday, September 05, 2009

AT&T iPhone Damage Control Goes Out Of Control?

AT&T iPhone Damage Control
AT&T is putting a human face in front of those draconian contracts we sign and wait for services. I have been using iPhone for for a while now and my biggest complain is about call completion. They tend to drop more calls than what they complete and there were even instance that I rang another iPhone next to me which did not ring nor displayed missed call!

But going through the comments on this video, it is not only me, there are many others! Ready to jump ship.
"I would love to get an iPhone but based on my friends experiences with AT&T i will NEVER, EVER get an iPhone until it is available on another carrier. I've never had a single problem with my Verizon service. There have been multiple times when my AT&T using friends were having crummy reception and I had full bars."
"So basically you're saying that you can't support all the people you have on your data network, yet are forcing people with smartphones to get a data plan starting this month. That makes no sense that if you can't support the current level of customers you would FORCE and increase when you just admitted you can't handle it. This is why I hate ATT because as a company they are full of shit."
"Unfortunately my love for the iPhone has forced me to stay on ATT. When the time comes for Apple to finally move onto other carriers (Verizon), I and many others will leave your sorry asses behind, and we will watch and laugh at how your company will crash and burn from the horrible loss of the iPhone revenue that you squander upon. In about 5 years time, ATT will be a ghost, because they FAILED with the iPhone. You had your chance and you showed you don't deserve it."
I could go on but follow the video and check for yourselves;  (I did try to find a comment positive towards AT&T and I stopped at page 27)


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