Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SIP / VoIP Client For Android, SIPdroid

I am a SIP lover and I am not sure how I missed this project, SIPdroid. Thanks to an article on GUAVA Product from Gizmo5 that I published, people who were familiar with the project left a few comments about GUAVA and SIPdroid. I updated the post with new information.
That is how I got to know about SIPdroid. SIPdroid Adds VoIP to the dialer. Make and receive calls over Wifi/3G with perfect voice quality. It is an Open Source SIP client written in JAVA. All you need is a SIP Account to connect your Android based phone to. Even for that they have a solution via PBXes, a free SIP as well as commercial SIP Services provider. The basic accounts are free. Premium accounts allow calling regular phones while streaming live video and much more. You can check those out at the site links given below. You can also get a free SIP Account (PBXes link could also be found from this link, as I have listed them )from anyone listed on the left column of this site.
But the biggest contraversy seem to be the GUAVA and on the SIPdroid site, you can see the letter / email written to the Gizmo5 people regarding the violation. I have not investigated the issue deeply and I have not seen any reaction from Gizmo5 either.
But Gizmo5, if you did use the SIPdroid and did not disclose the issue, please correct it. I have accounts with you and so are a lot of other people who are familiar with Open Source and respect the guidelines. If you did not use SIPdroid, you can disclose that too, making everyone happy.
I will be writing about this more and until then, you can find the project SIPdroid on Google Code site.
PBXes is listed on my Free SIP Accounts, Revisited


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