Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Your Google Number On A Card For Free

What is your Google Number?
You will be able to do so free, if you keep an eye open for message on your Google Voice Page. I hope you got a Google Number already. If not go here to request an invitation for a Google Voice.

If you have a Google Voice Number then time to keep an eye open on your Google Voice Page. (Who kept an eye open on a phone before? Yes, Google with innovative ideas have made it possible to interact with your phone in different ways and even make free calls with Google Voice.)

Google is giving away 50,000 free sets of 25 cards (no shipping or any other fees) over the next week. Keep an eye open for an image and link to appear in your Google Voice inbox, on the left side below the account balance, as it will appear at different times for different Google Voice users throughout the week. Once you click on the link, you will be able to customize and order your free cards through iPrint.com.

Google Voice Blog: Show off your Google Number


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