Monday, July 27, 2009

Free (SIP) Calls With Google Voice And Gizmo5

Google Voice Free Calls Via Gizmo5

It is pretty easy to make free calls by combining Gizmo5 and Google Voice account. Once the easy setup is completed, one could accomplish US calling without paying a monthly fee or per minute fee. The calls are currently limited to 30 minutes per call.

First of all you will need a Google Voice Account (or an invitation from Google Voice), Gizmo5 Account and a US Phone number. (You need a US phone number that you could receive calls and answer as you need enter a verification code for Google.)

So if you do not have any of those above, fear not, you can still make free calls via Google Voice, Gizmo5.

In either case you need to create a Gizmo6 account and best way to do so is to download and install the Gizmo5 software on your computer or sign up at Gizmo5 website. (It is also possible to use your mobile phone, smartphone for the purpose. So select what fits you best once you visit Gizmo5 site) .

Once you have registered and received a Gizmo5 user name, visit and login with the credentials that you used at account creation.

Once you login, your MY page will show your 747 number. This is shown as your SIP Number and you need this to complete the process.

Now we need to Google Voice and Sign up. Google Voice is invite only at the moment and you could make a request for an invite. Once this is done, you will have to wait for about 8-11 days to get an invitation. If you are in a hurry, you can borrow one from somebody who has an invite or surf the web and you might find one.

Once you receive the invitation, you will be visiting Google Voice to sign up and during this process, you will need that afore mentioned US phone number. So keep that phone handy near you as Google Voice will call you on that number for verification. This number could be any US number either land line or mobile. You can familiarize yourself with Google Voice here.

Do not despair if you do not have a US phone number. There are many ways you could get one. But since we are talking about Gizmo5, I will tell you how to get a US Number from Gizmo5. You can purchase a Call-in number from your Gizmo5 page that displayed your 747 number. It will cost you $12 for three months. Unless you want to keep the US number longer (as long as you want) select the 3 month only option. The US number is required only during sign up process at Google Voice.

If you are verifying through Gizmo5 for your Google Voice Account, open another browser window and travel to (a service which lets you make/receive calls using just a web browser). Login with your Gizmo5 account information. Now you can receive calls to your browser (computer).

At this point you are ready to verify the Google Voice account and you can request for the verification call. If you are using a regular phone, use it to answer and enter the code or if you are using Gizmo5 Call in number, you can answer in your browser and enter in the proper code using the on screen dialpad.

Now you have a Google Voice Account which you could use to make calls, receive calls, listen to your voice mail etc. But we are here to learn how to make free calls with Google Voice and Gizmo5.

For this you need to add your Gizmo5 information to your Google Voice. You can do this by selecting Settings(Top right hand corner of you Google Voice Page) and then the Phone tab. Click on the Add Another Phone. Here you enter the complete 747 number that you got from Gizmo5,( remember it is not the Gizmo5 Call In number, it is already there if you registered with it). Enter all the 10 digits. Google Voice always verifies your phone numbers and this Gizmo account also need to be verified and like previously, Google Voice makes a call and asks you to verify. Again you do this at and if you not already logged in, login with your Gizmo5 credentials and then request Google Voice to verify the number which you can answer in your browser and enter in the proper code using the on screen dialpad.

Now we go to you MY Gizmo5 account and add Google Voice user name and password in the Google Voice on Gizmo5 and save it.

You are now ready to receive and make US calls for free. Gizmo5 desktop software or Gizmocall web site could be used to place or answer your calls.

But do not stop there, you can use multiple devices or software for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iphone, supported by Gizmo5 to make your calls. Basically any SIP device or software.


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