Friday, June 26, 2009

Cisco Service Provider Mobility Community Network

Social network for service providers
I learned about a fantastic new portal at Cisco, Service Provider Mobility. With projected wireless slated to be growing 66 times the current level or equivalent of 120% annually and 4G networks looking to make us more productive on the go or otherwise, service provider community is going to be a very busy crowd.
So as usual, Cisco has stepped into fill a gap, a community portal for service providers to gather and discuss issues, wishes and achievement etc. Basically a social network for serive providers.
Perhaps the following should invoke your interest in mobile space;

  1. New innovative applications such as YouTube, Flickr, WebEx
  2. Exciting integrated devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry
  3. Roll out of higher performance networks such as LTE, WiMAX
  4. New business models enabled, and
  5. Unprecedented levels of personalization and ease of use
Links after the Kittur Nagesh welcome message to visitors at Cisco's Service Provider Mobility Community

Follow the link and join the Service Provider Mobility Community.
[via CISCO SP360 ]


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