Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Want Fax With That Asterisk?
I was reading a post on Digium blog today about a test that concerns new Asterisk Fax product. Even though I meet all the requirements, I will have to fore go due lack of time.
The new fax for Asterisk supposed to improve on current fax products for Asterisk and improve communications with older fax machines.
So if you have;
1. High Degree of familiarity with Asterisk dialplan construction.
2. Time to test. We need people that can hop to it, and test quickly.
3. Ability to devote a server and some Digium boards (supplied by you and already at your disposal) and / or fax-enabled VoIP service provider accounts (also supplied by you) to the testing.
4. A good usage case for using fax with Asterisk.
Please get in touch with Malcolm Devenport at Digium ( and dont forget to remove the REMOVEthisPART from the address.
Happy Faxing


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