Thursday, February 12, 2009

Turn-by-Turn Navigation App, (TeleNav GPS Navigator) For The Android (T-Mobile G1)
Telenav, a navigation technology firm has announced an app for Android, that most other smart phones could not boast to have, a turn-by-turn navigation app, TeleNav GPS Navigator.
The GPS app for Android provides you with voice-recognition for hands-free control, live traffic updates, a POI database including restaurant reviews and gas prices, all presented through a very nice 3D interface. Basically all you get with a stand alone GPS unit, a good one.
The application has a price tag of $10 a month but after it is released on February 24th, it will be free for a month for you to check out if it is for you.

Here are some features listed by Telenav;
Drive to:

* 3D moving maps in landscape and portrait mode
* Name and address speech recognition
* Automatic reroute if a turn is missed
* Traffic alerts and one-click rerouting


* Business finder
* Gas by price
* Search along route
* Restaurant ratings and reviews

Maps and Traffic:

* Current location map
* Business locations map
* Map, traffic and route summary views

And More:

* Commute alerts
* Current weather and five-day forecasts
* Night-time map color


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