Thursday, February 12, 2009

3G Speed Test! AT&T 3G Not Same On All Devices?

iPhone On WiFI
iPhone On EDGE
I was reading Wondering Out Loud: The AT&T Network by John Battelle and smiled as I too remember 3G woos I had on BlackBerry. But Since I moved to iPhone, (I still have BlackBerry with me) things have been much better. But John's story was great as I too have done similar stuff with my iPhone. I was running an actual web application with iPhone connected to a hidef TV. Every thing ran fine and fast until I came to a report that uses flash to display the results. I quickly navigated away from that. Hey Apple when are you going to flash?
But where I am today, there is no 3G! but I have EDGE and WiFi, therefore I went ahead and tested my speeds on iPhone at and you can see the results. I will upload the 3G results once I get it tested.


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