Thursday, September 11, 2008

mod_fax, Fax Support For FreeSWITCH In The Works

I made a visit to FreeSWITCH (I made sure I typed FreeSWITCH) is working on providing fax support via spandsp. The module is mod_fax. The code is already checked in and of course you can start beta testing. The ever present and busy Anthm released the news.

if you did not know about FreeSWITCH, it is an open source telephony platform that you can used to create any product that consists of voice and chat driven products ranging from a soft-phone up to a soft-switch. It has been used as a simple switching engine, a PBX, a media gateway, and as a media server to host IVR applications using simple scripts or XML to control the callflow. In my configuration, FreeSwitch is providing Media Gateway services.


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