Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jajah Offers Mobile VoIP For Windows Mobile, Symbian And BlackBerry
JAJAH for Windows Mobile, JAJAH for Symbian, JAJAH for BlackBerry
Jajah announced new, advanced Mobile VoIP telephony solutions for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian. According to the press release, now users of mobile devices will be able to make VoIP calls either via WiFi or over the cellular network. The solutions are offere as white label offeres allowing carriers and non-carriers to launch the service under their own brand.

This follows the JAJAH's voip solution for the iPod touch which turned the device into a fully functioning mobile phone. Jajah earlier provided iPhone VoIP solution as well. The company now has tailored solutions for more than 500 million mobile phones, smartphones and other mobile devices worldwide."Every carrier faces pressure to develop new services to keep hold of their subscriber base. JAJAH gives carriers the ability to roll out these proven, simple to use services no matter which device their customers have, with almost zero time to market or development cost," said Trevor Healy, CEO, JAJAH.
JAJAH for BlackBerry

The JAJAH application for BlackBerry gives all BlackBerry users the ability to make JAJAH VoIP calls directly from their device. Available as an over the air download, via the desktop manager or from a corporate BES server, the application adds 'JAJAH Call' to the phonebook menu. Simply click on the contact name and select 'JAJAH Call' and the phone call is initiated. Alternatively, users can open the JAJAH application and type in the phone number.

JAJAH for Symbian

Designed for making VoIP calls over a WiFi network, JAJAH for Symbian gives anyone with a phone running Symbian s60 the ability to choose whether their international calls route over the JAJAH IP network or the standard cellular network. The application automatically detects the presence of a WiFi network and offers the choice to use JAJAH when a long distance phone number is dialed (either manually or via the address book).
JAJAH for Windows Mobile

JAJAH for Windows Mobile is a full SIP over HSDPA/WiFi mobile VoIP solution. Currently deployed by eMobile, one of the leading operator's in Japan, the JAJAH solution turns any device into a fully functioning VoIP phone, providing high quality phone-in and phone-out services to and from any phone in the world.

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