Friday, July 25, 2008

AsterFax is Now Noojee Fax, Still Provides Faxing for Asterisk

Noojee Fax, Formerly know as AsterFax has released Version 2.0 of it's software. The name change came together with the business name change of Asterisk IT, which will be know as 'Noojee Telephony Solutions' from now on.

Noojee Fax is developed to work with Asterisk, an Open Source PABX integrating PSTN telephone lines and VOIP into a single solution, providing all of the functionality of commercial PBX. Noojee Fax builds on the services delivered by Asterisk and provides an email based Fax Gateway that will advance any company’s communication capabilities.Just like the Asterisk, Noojee Fax is available under a commercial and community license.

With Noojee Fax and Asterisk, you can send and receive faxes using your standard email client without having to install any software on your desktop. Noojee Fax simply translates a normal email message into a fax message for sending faxes and back the other way when receiving faxes. To send a fax you simply enter the destination phone number in the 'To' address, compose your email message and click the ‘Send’ button. It’s that easy.
You can download the free version from the Noojee Fax download page.


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