Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asterisk Skype Gateway!
Time to time I get dragged in by Nerd Vittles doings with VoIP and usually Asterisk. There is a talk about Digium doing an Asterisk-Skype Gateway but Nerds have none of that and gone their own way to implement a Skype Gateway.
To the less technically inclined and mostly less time and resources to manage such gateways, NV suggest using Gizmo5 solution that they came up a time ago. But those who really like to see the rivets, bolts and not to forget the nuts, they have another suggestion. They guide you to Greg Dorfuss' SipToSis software which is the basis of Gizmo's offering. The complete instructions of installing and setting up the gateway for Asterisk and FreePBX is there. So go get your Skype via Asterisk.
The Nerd Vittles.


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