Thursday, February 12, 2009

Garmin-Asus Introduces Nüvifone™ M20, WinMo 6.1 GPS Phone.
Asus in collaboration with Garmin has come up with a new Windows Mobile 6.1 based GPS phone that seem to interest a lot of people. Pricing, carriers and release might be announced at the Mobile World Congress, which starts on Monday.
Nuvifone M20 is a GSM-based phone with HSDPA data capability and also provides wi-fi and Bluetooth like any respectable mobile phone these days.
The GPS service is not tied to the phone service and the GPS service will be available even when you are in a mountain valley where there is no phone single, just like a stand alone GPS unit. The device carries 1GB worth of natonal navigational data with Nuvi Navigator and you can certainly add more as the phone itself has 4/8GB memory and the capability to add a micro SD card as well.
You might need that as the phone also has a 3MP camera which automatically Geotag the photos you take.
More information could be read via this Garmin-Asus Press Release.


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