Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Uninstall Skype and Encrypt Your VoIP, It Is Not That Hard With Asterisk.

How To Uninstall Modern Skype from Windows 8 

I have been preaching about uninstalling Skype (uninstall skype) for many years now, since 2005, How to kill a Skype® / remove Skype® installs from your network!. Even if you are the type that have to live in proprietary software world, I wrote how not to be a Skype SuperNode. There are many a reasons why you want to step away from proprietary software like Skype and here are some given by Software Freedom Law Center;
(a) proprietary software and (b) based on an undocumented protocol, (c) controlled by a company that has less respect for users' privacy than the PSTN companies themselves.
It is from an article about encrypting you VoiP Calls without having to beat a new path in the arena of communications. Like me, SFLC, uses a simple solution using simple tools, VPN and Asterisk with SIP Phones. It has worked for me for years and I preach to anyone who come close to me and utter the word VoIP.
"Specifically, all SFLC users have an OpenVPN connection back to the home office. From there, they have access to register a SIP client to an internal Asterisk server living inside the VPN network. Using that SIP phone, they can call any SFLC employee. That call continues either on the internal secured network, or back out over the same VPN to the other SIP client. Users can also dial out from there to any PSTN DID."

Asterisk has a very stable platform and many supporting organizations and groups have sprung to help you with communications future, convergence. If you care about privacy and freedom, then follow the links below to find some solutions. At least you will learn that they excist.

SFLC Article
, Please read. "Stop Obsessing and Just Do It: VoIP Encryption Is Easier than You Think"
Asterisk / Digium


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