Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jaxtr Gets New Funding And Goes Beyond Network For Your Calls

MENLO PARK, CALIF. - (June 24, 2008) – Jaxtr™, the company that links your phone to the Web, today introduces the freedom for members to call anyone in the world on their mobile phone without the worry of a huge bill, the hassle of calling cards, or downloading software to their mobile phone. In addition to the ability to make free in-network calls, jaxtr members can now call anyone in the world from their mobile phone for substantially less than the rates charged by most calling cards. In addition, members can make calls with the convenience of direct-dial numbers, which eliminate the hassle of access and PIN numbers required by calling cards. Jaxtr is currently used by more than 10 million users in 220 countries.

"Making international calls to friends, family, and business colleagues on your mobile phone has never been cheaper or easier. With jaxtr, it's just like calling a friend down the street," said Konstantin Guericke, CEO of jaxtr. "You simply dial a local number on your mobile, press the green talk button, and your friend's phone rings overseas. You'll never have to hassle with the inconvenience of calling cards again."

$10 Million Series B: Jaxtr also announces the completion of $10 million in Series B financing, a round led by new investor Lehman Brothers Venture Partners. "Jaxtr's market potential is extraordinarily large as the company is able to acquire millions of customers per month without spending any money on marketing. And it succeeded in monetizing its offering within 16 months of launch through two revenue streams, first advertising and now premium services," said Ben Boyer, partner at Lehman Brothers.

More Powerful Jax Credits: In jaxtr 1.5, members can now use their credits, called "jax," to call non-members. And when members run out of jax, they can now purchase more in order to meet all of their international calling needs. Since the company has grown to over 10 million users purely by word of mouth and enjoys a healthy advertising revenue stream, jaxtr can profitably offer the best rates in the business:

  • Canada: 1 jax/minute ($.01)
  • China: 1 jax/minute ($.01)
  • India: 6 jax/minute ($.06)
  • United Kingdom: 1 jax/minute ($.01)
  • United States: 1 jax/minute ($.01)

New Premium Memberships: Active members will now have the opportunity to earn access to new premium features, such as customizable contact pages, enhanced digital voicemail features and higher allotments of free international SMS per month. Additionally, active members will continue to receive free jax, which now can be used to call any number worldwide.

The Jaxtr Difference: Jaxtr helps users' link their phones to the Web to connect with friends worldwide, control their calls and talk at great low rates from any phone. With a personalized jaxtr link, members enjoy many benefits:

  • Community: Meet new people online, with whom you can actually talk, in café jaxtr.
  • Cost Savings: Bypass expensive international phone charges and send free international SMS.
  • Control: Forward in-bound calls to any phone, get PrivacyShieldTM to keep your number private and a global voicemail box online.
  • Convenience: Place a call from any mobile or landline phone. No need to download software to your mobile phone or to have an Internet connection to make a call.


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