Thursday, June 19, 2008

FreeSwitch Gets A Web Based Management Portal From Wiki PBX.

FreeSwitch, another big player in the open source IP PBX arena has got a web front end for management. I have a copy of FreeSwitch running (actually a dormant VM image) which I will be using to test the PBX Management front end. It is available from Wiki PBX and if you are a FreeSwitch user, I think you will be a happy camper.
According to the site, following are the prominant features!;

  • Multiple 'accounts' per server instance - each account is effectively a completely independent PBX. (multi-tenant)
  • Layered configuration - XML files goes on top of what is stored in database. Allows you to use a database, but stays out of your way if you choose to use flat files.
  • Configure extensions, SIP endpoints and gateways via web interface
  • Simple Voicemail system written in Python as an IVR (w/ source code)
  • View/hangup/transfer live calls
  • View call history (CDR records) over the web interface
  • Web interface for managing (add/edit/update) IVR's written in Python, Javascript or Java
  • Easily record "sound clips" for use in dialplan or IVR's
  • Inject audio or text-to-speech into live calls
Here is the link to wiki pbx.
Of course you can find FreeSwitch here.


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