Saturday, November 19, 2005

How to kill a Skype® / remove Skype® installs from your network!

How To Uninstall Modern Skype from WIndows 8

An updated version of this article is here

If you are looking to remove unauthorized installations of Skype® from your network?
Is your DSL router constantly hanging, when you or another at your home using Skype®? To make sure it is Skype®, turn off the computer with Skype®, just shutting down skype will not stop Skype®.
First you need to get skypekiller,

Then install it on a windows workstation or a server and make sure that a connection to your network is up and ready.

Now fireup SK and Select the default clean mode or tick the "Detect only" option if you just want to list Skype® installs.

Now is time to setup Filtering
You can apply filters to determine the type of target computers on which Skype® is to be removed. For example you can choose to run SkypeKiller only on your workstations.

Once filtering is setup, you need to Select Target Computers
Select target computers. You can browse to quickly add computers from your global catalog or Domain controllers.

Now that you have a selection of computers, it is time for Execution
Click on Execute, a progress window will display the operation.

Now is time to go and get your other work done or have cup of coffee. You can come back to check Result analysis.
SkypeKiller will indicate success or failure of the removal for each previously selected system.

Like any other network application, you also can schedule periodic runs of the SK.

To be sure, I would run a "detect only" first and also check on your bandwidthth usage using your monitoring tools. Again run the same tool, once the Clean step is done. You will be able to see just roughly how much bandwidth this particularer VOIP or IP Telephony application was using.

Look for updates here when SK updates its application, remember this is the first release.
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