Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mobile SIP Client For Symbian, iPhone and Other Mobile Phones.

I like to let you know about another SIP client for you mobile and desktop use that is in beta. O-Phone has released a SIP client for Mobile devices and Mobile phone such as iPhone, Nokia, and HTC Touch. I was informed of the fact last night by our ever resourceful Diordna and I did not have enough time to test the client. So I would like to point you in the direction of O-Phone and let you test for yourself. Once we have tested, we will be posting a longer post.
These SIP Clients, once installed helps you to make free or low cost calls over WiFi at home or hotspots that is growing all over the world, like these hotspots in Japan. Now that WiFI enabled mobile phones are the norm, it is alway good to have a client that could be used on your mobile device. I will be testing the O-Phone client soon and let you know the results.
O-Phone also provide you with your connection needs all over the world. They have free phone calls and paid phone calls depending on who and where you call.
You will find more information and registration information here.


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