Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time travel With Android Phone And AndroidGlobalTime!

Apps For Android, Sample Applications for the Android platform has released a new app for you to test the Andoid (Google Phone) emulator and application building. AndroidGlobalTime is a 3D world clock for Android platform. But behind the nice and glowing 3D graphics, it is an illustrative example of how to utilize the OpenGL ES APIs in your Android applications.
Once you launch it in your emulator, you'll see a spinning globe showing day and night regions. Pressing the space bar will overlay an analog clock with the time corresponding to location you're currently examining. The arrow keys allow you to spin the Earth and traverse through different time-zones while the clock is displayed. Pressing the center key in the emulator toggles between a 3D and 2D view of the earth. Pressing the L key will turn the city lights on or off. To zoom-out
press 2 and to zoom-in press 8.

For more information on compiling and installing, please refer to the readme included with the download.
blog post: Android Developers Blog: AndroidGlobalTime


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