Monday, June 23, 2008

Andriod Delays May Shine iPhone Further. Can Sprint Challenge with Instinct?

Even though Google is not going to have significant financial problems due to Android delay, an article on WSJ makes have set the news world afire. Everyone is reporting that it might be the closest thing to the end or worse.
Android based phones were to come to market in second quarter of this year and now it seems it might get delayed until 4th quarter. But reading the article, I was not convinced that it might not either.
In any case sprint would have love to have some thunder to dim the iPhone news that is reverberating in the mobile world and die hard sprint fans will have to do with Samsung Instinct. I do not see too much difference between iPhone and the instinct but the hype.
Another matter is of course Android is an evolving platform and the base system changes and revamps may add to the developers working with brand new platform. WSJ also mentions developers feeling at ease with iPhone SDK due to familiarity with MAC OS X, well in that case Linux was not born yesterday. It is the SDK that matters and the recently released Android SDK is not prime time material either.
So we may have to wait a little longer to see an Android based phone. Unitil then it is the iPhone and somewhat the instinct that may have to market.


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