Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trixbox Forks FreePBX and KGarrison Forks Himself As Well.

I am a regular visitor to FreePBX site and a user of FreePBX for a long time. I have written on a few occasions about virtues of FreePBX here on this blog, actually a search on right hand side search box says that I have written about it in 57 posts!. I must really be liking them then.

Then how about Trixbox? Even though I have stopped using Trixbox in any viable way since the TrixBox phones home saga I still keep following it. I also use to write about it a lot, so I searched for it as well and found 80 instances. HMmmm. does that mean I like it better? Could have if not for some acts by Fonality. So here is the latest story/stories that would keep me away from Trixbox.

I have not been to FreePBX for few weeks and I was catching up with news (I read bottom up when I miss any news or forum site.) when I found the article "Trixbox Forks FreePBX" and I was not very sure why Fonality did it. So the first thing I did was to follow the link given by Philippe to the TrixBox announcement. Well from the post it was an explanation why fonality did it and a whole bunch of comments. I read the comments, some of which were criticizing the move, and others hind kissing the Fonality. There were posts from Kerry himself explaining the move, but I lost interest when the posts went to dogs, literally. Basically they want to take FreePBX and distribute as their own. From the announcement it is evident that there is no actual work done to FreePBX. You can read yourself by following the link above. So what I understood was that it is not a fork. They are just taking FreePBX as it is slapping it on Trixbox.
Then I got to the higher up in the news to find another post by Philippe about KGarrison forking himself in FreePBX site and posting as GPLLaw. Philippe has screen captures and laid out exactly what happened. Kerry himself tried to pass it off as a IP Spoofing and later on to say that some one on their own network did the damage.
Well I will not dwell on this too much as readers can visit FreePBX links above and read to understand for themselves.
PBX in a Flash should do the trick for me if I ever need a simple Asterisk installation. I will continue to use FreePBX and Asterisk and recommend them to people. I doubt I would ever use anything from Fonality. But I will keep people updated as how they are doing and their releases to keep people informed.


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