Sunday, December 09, 2007

Truphone builds SoftPhone For Facebook® Platform

Truphone, the mobile VoIP Provider, that gives you free and low-cost calls on your mobile, has announced free calls for facebook members. If you are a regular or extreme facebook user, it will be a nice add on, instead of facebook messages, you will be able to talk to your friends and contacts for free.
All you need is Truphone 'Call Me' button to your profile and your friends can call your phone. From their press release;
The Truphone Call Me application is available to all Facebook users. Users do not need a Truphone account or a special phone in order to use the application.Among the 'firsts' introduced by the Truphone Call Me application is a moveable button that can be dropped anywhere on Facebook that accepts attachments, enabling users to:
- embed their Call Me button within Facebook messages;
- post their Call Me button onto their friends' walls;
- drop their Call Me button onto Facebook group and discussion boards.

Truphone builds free phone calls application using Facebook® Platform


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