Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free Calls, Free International Calls, From Jajah For The Holiday Season

Kicking off one of the free holiday free call offers, Jajah Direct has something for every one. You can call one person and talk for one hour or you can call 60 people if you can keep talk time to one minute to each of them!
Ok let me put it in another way, you get one hour worth of free calls from Jajah Direct. So you will not be able to use excuses like oh I could not call you because gas prices were too high etc. You can even call your long lost cousin in Timbuktu, if you want to because the free offer extends to international calls as well.
So how do you use this one hour worth of free voip calls. It is pretty simple, (as use of Jajah has always been);
JAJAH Direct is very easy to use.

1) Simply dial a local access number where you live
2) Dial the number you want to call
3) JAJAH Direct connects you!

Please remember the calls have to be made on December 24 (12 am GMT) through December 25 (12 am GMT).
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