Monday, July 30, 2007

Pre Unified Communications unplugged , OCS 2007 Tour!

A comment on VOIP IP Telephony: Office Communications Server 2007, (OCS/2007) what is it? lead me to a post by Eileen Brown at Technet Blogs, Where I found a gem of post about OCS/2007, well a bunch of gems.
I think if you have tiniest interest in OCS 2007 or Unified Communications, you should watch some of the videos she has presented. You will find two Field Engineers and a Consultant guiding you through the turns and corners of the product.
Thank Eileen, for the comment and the post.
Here is her own words about the post;
"We filmed several sessions recently on Unified Communications and we've put them all up on IT's Showtime. All of them talk about OCS 2007, presence, management and voice. If you're planning to move forwards with VOIP they're well worth a look at to give you a good understanding of the product. Dave (from MCS) Andy and Duane (from PFE) cover loads of ground in these modules."

OCS 2007 videos on IT's showtime


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