Sunday, July 29, 2007

Visual DialPlan for Asterisk, a new beta ready for testing.

If you are like me, setting up dial plans has been one of the trivial task of setting up and deploying Asterisk. I have now seen the light. After Daily Asterisk News directed me to the Apstel's Visual Dial Plan, I am feeling better about creating and using dial plans.
I down loaded the application, which is in beta and I have not registered yet. But the trial version is so promising that I wonder if we need to call it a beta.
Of course I did not have time to go through all the variables of the program but I intent do do so. But I did go through the provided sample applications and so far I did not have to use help!, which is also very extensive, just by looking at it.
One more good thing about the application and beta testing, If you register for beta testing and if you are accepted, you might end up with a free copy of final product!. (The Visual Dial Plan is not a open source product.)
Here is what Apstel tell what Visual Dial Plan is;
"Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is revolutionary visual modeling platform that enables Asterisk users and consultants to create, maintain and test dialplan in an easy, fast, convenient and natural way.

Take advantage and comfort of windows user interface with drag and drop capabilities, use predefined samples (templates) and components, and validate Asterisk dialplan without even deploying it at the Asterisk box. Simply model it, don't code!"

Go here to apply for beta testing.


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