Monday, July 09, 2007

iPhone gets Trillian Astra beta update!

Cerulean announced that they have released a new beta version of Trillian Astra for iPhone. According to the article on Cerulean Blog, more than 3000 people have down loaded the application. This number might go higher as other users get to know about the Astra.
Lack of communication, (IM, Chat) has been a complain of many iPhone users.
If you are wondering what Trillian is, it is the the grand daddy of IM communication hubs. It supports many instant messaging programs, including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC. I I think most user's contacts are covered with these.

If you own an iPhone, please feel free to sign up as a Trillian Astra alpha tester. Don’t forget to tell us you own one in the “About Yourself” section in the form! If you are a Mac user, you may also get a chance to use the browser edition of Trillian Astra as a part of the alpha program. I do not have a iPhone yet! but now that DVD Jon has provided a way to use iPhone as a PDA (an expensive PDA) i might get one! But I have a new Mac!


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