Monday, July 23, 2007

JoIP, a new VoIP service from Panasonic and Deltathree

JoIP is a new twist in telephony communications solutions, a joint effort by industry leaders Panasonic and deltathree. Bringing POTS and VoIP in to single device.

JoIP is a service enabling users to enjoy two different worlds of communication that exisit today, the “plain old telephone service” or POTS and the exciting new world of Voice Over IP or VoIP. With joip, you can benefit from your regular phone line and a next generation joip free line and number provided when you buy the phone and register. You do not need to have a computer to enjoy the new service. So what is the catch? Yes you need a phone, from Panasonic marketed under the name GlobaRange GlobaPhone.

Although the concept is not new, the use of P2P technology makes a difference. Just like popular Skype Service.

The Globaphone costs from $99.95 to 129.95 depending on the model. My current POTS phone is a Panasonic phone san the VoIP and I am very Happy with the phone. From experience, I am sure Globaphone will be of no difference, a reliable hardware piece.
Using the joip line, you can make and receive free calls to and from any other joip number in the world, creating a huge -- and free -- communication community. With joip, family members in different countries can now talk as much as they like for free provided that they all use Globaphone.

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