Saturday, July 14, 2007

Zoonr brings Skype to iPhone

By using a long and little bit winding road, iPhone users could be using Skype to make calls on iPhone instead of wireless service by AT&T.
Some pundits have earlier said that skype will/would not run on iPhone. Well every problem has a solution and here is the solution for Skype/iPhone problem! I am certain that there will be more.
SoonR Talk is an AJAX application running on the Opera browser (which has to be installed on the iPhone). It connects to the desktop via the SoonR server, and then SoonR Talk sets up the call.It dials out from Skype and makes a SkypeOut call to the mobile, conferencing the two calls together. This uses at least one and possibly two paid SkypeOut calls, which in many cases may still be substantially cheaper than dialling direct from the iPhone. For instance, unlimited SkypeOut credits for US dialling can be bought for US$30 per year.
PC World article


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