Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is OpenMoko an iPhone in Open Source mode!

OpenMoko is an Open Source project to create the world's first free mobile phone operating system.

The OpenMoko project is a community that anyone can join, to help design their ideal phone.

The long term goal is that phone software won't be tied to a phone. You can install any OpenMoko software over the whole range of phones, and if you upgrade your phone, you don't lose the software. Bugs fixed on one phone are fixed on all.

The Neo1973 from FIC is the first of many phones that OpenMoko will run on. To show that OpenMoko the phone stack is not tied to the Neo1973, here is a report from somebody who seems to have OpenMoko up and limping on the Palm Treo680!

Please join us in collaborating on the OpenMoko project through any of the project resources including the OpenMoko wiki. Please see the wiki editing help page for information on making contributions to this wiki. A core team of developers funded by FIC, Inc. leads the project.

An introduction page is available. The page has both photos and videos available. Moreover, the usual Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ, page might be helpful. Developers may find the daily software change log an important resource.

The members of the OpenMoko community would like to thank FIC Inc. for showing leadership and initiating the OpenMoko project.


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