Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Internet Telephony Magazine's Rich Tehrani's Microsoft outlook on communications

As I have informed before, Internet Telephony magazine is still one of the paper magazines that I continue to read. And Rich's weblog is one of the VoIP IP Telephony webblogs that I frequent for it's in depth and some times .
Keeping with his usual style, Rich Tehrani has published an article "Microsoft Pushes into Communications and Beyond" carries you through Communications and Microsoft from 1990's to the unified communications in the future.
I suggest that you read the article if you are interested in communications. I think the reason is evident in following excerpt;
"Microsoft has lots of really great communications and other products which are just about to ship. If everything works according to plan, within one year we could be looking at Microsoft as a very serious player in communications. Really, this is Microsoft’s game to lose. When we saw the demos of unified communications throughout the day, my two coworkers and I looked at each other a few times and asked, “When can we get this?” I suspect many others will soon be asking the same question."

Rich Tehrani: "Microsoft Pushes into Communications and Beyond"


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